Elko Bling's Story


Behind the Bling

 Life happened!  My husband retired from his part time job (USMC) and our daughters grew up and I was left with a lot of time, and not a lot to do.  I wanted to combine my passion and skills. I was always the girlfriend you invited over to help you find outfits in your closet! 

And put jewerly with it, too! 


Our starting point

 I found a company with strong Heart of Service. So five years ago, I started my own small business, the easy way.  I became a direct sales consultant.   I'm so glad I did! I signed up with Premier Designs. I fell in love with Premier's purpose: To enrich every life we touch!  

I rock and represent an amazing product with an unbeatable Golden Guarantee! 


Our journey continues

Now, were more than just jewerly.  I  added a certification in Image Consulting and joined a professional Image Consultant network.  Your Image and image goals are why we exsist.  We work with you to create a road map to get you where you want to go!